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Supervision Opportunities

Licensed Professional Counselor Interns

Group Supervision Opportunities are offered upon request or referral.

Supervision in the areas of:

  • Learning Supervision of Self: Raising Self Awareness
  • Ethics in Practice, Boundaries: Where I End and Clients Begin
  • Self Care and Maintenance
  • How to Keep Fresh & Current
  • Self Supervision, Peer Consultation as Tool not Trauma
  • Systemic Work for Me and My Client
  • Families with Personality Disorders
  • Crisis: Theirs Not Mine
  • Anxiety is Contagious: Being a Non-Anxious Presence
  • Using the DSM IV-TR in Diagnoses & Treatment of clients

For More Information Contact:

Jim Brown, MDiv, MA, LPC
2611 River Dr Columbia, SC 29201
Tel: 803-917-8773
FAX: 803-771-6685
Internet: supervision@jimbrownlpc.com

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